About Us

Craftfry offers access to reserves of handcrafted artifacts – either richly
curated by partnering with empanelled artisan communities and
independent artists. Borrowing inspiration from our ‘Indian Culture
Karigar’, we devote this gateway to the uniformly evolving and ever
inspirational creation of Indian Artisan-ship.

Our mission is to offer the global audience a gateway to hand-picked
Indian artifacts and incite a conversation dedicated to conserving arts
and crafts. India is famously known for the “Treasure trove of Indian

These handicrafts have also earned the country endless love. Hence, we
bring to you handiworks directly here from India under one roof. To bring
your home to life, you need decor with outstanding pieces of craftsmanship
and art that you can see and feel. Every detail matters – clean designs,
meticulous craftsmanship, stunning portraits and artifacts, personal
touches and colours, and the highest quality materials. The art is
functional, beautiful and has a view. You may never know who created
these works of art. However, you know from where to order – Craftfry.

“We are excited to bring our expertise in glass art to the drinkware industry,” said the CEO of Craftfry. “Our team of award-winning glass artisans has put a lot of hard work and passion into crafting each of these glasses, and we are confident that they will become an instant hit with customers.”

The brand has launched an extensive range of designs to cater to different tastes and preferences. From modern minimalist glasses to elaborate ones with intricate designs, their collection has it all. The Craftfry team believes that every customer deserves the perfect glass to make their drink even more enjoyable, and that is exactly what they have achieved with these handmade borosilicate glass mocktail ware.

To celebrate its foray into the drinkware industry, Craftfry is offering a limited time discount on its entire collection of handmade borosilicate glass mocktail ware. Customers can take advantage of this offer and experience the luxury of sipping their favorite mocktails from one of Craftfry’s exquisite glasses. With the perfect combination of world-renowned borosilicate glass and award-winning craftmanship, Craftfry's handmade mocktail glasses are exactly what you need to elevate your drinking game.