Pebbles and Stones offers you to buy Garden Pebbles at Best Price in India. Pebble is a rock fragment which is smaller than a cobble. Pebbles come in various colors and textures. Pebbles are mostly smooth but, dependent on how frequently they come in contact with the sea, they can have marks of contact with other rocks or other pebbles. Pebbles left above the high water mark may have growths of organisms such as lichen on them, signifying the lack of contact with seawater.

Why You should use Pebbles and Stones in your home garden?

  • They are a natural, environmentally-friendly product. They have Instant appeal; providing a modern, stylish garden appearance with least effort.
  • Placing some pebbles around the top of a potted plant can make your table top garden even more attractive. They can be used for a myriad of applications only limited by your imagination

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