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Craftfry ™ Glass Airtight Lid Milk Bottles (Pack of 2) 500ml.

Craftfry ™ Glass Airtight Lid Milk Bottles (Pack of 2) 500ml.

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  • Material: Glass | No. of Pieces: 2 | Capacity: 500ml | Colour: Transparent
  • Ideal Usage: Best Use For Water, Milk, Juice, Oil, Wax Etc.
  • Care Instructions: Wash with hot water and dishwasher soap as with water bottles. Use a weak bleach solution, as with water bottles, but without the baking soda. Use specifically designed sanitising tablets. Drop one into a bottle full of warm water and leave for 15-30 minutes, then rinse.
  • Special Feature 1: The Silicon-Treated Metal Lids Are Rust-Proof | Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Special Feature 2: Eco-friendly Glass Bottle Is Reusable Thus Avoiding The Waste Disposal Of Plastic Bottles Every Day. Airtight

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bottle to keep your water/milk/juice safe and to avoid use of plastic. Put in a subliminal reminder of the high-powered lifestyle you'd like to lead or one you already do with the glass bottle package contents: 1 milk and juice bottle; cookware features: dishwasher safe lifestyle set part of your collection. Bringing you excellent fridge-to-tabletop-to-fridge convenience, you can store and serve healthy concoctions with a straw and distinctive style.

Origin of Country :India
Brand Name :Craftfry
Material :Glass
Color :Transparent
Package-Contain :