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Craftfry Candles Cypress & Fir Holiday Collection Scented Candle

Craftfry Candles Cypress & Fir Holiday Collection Scented Candle

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  • Candles with a "Cypress & Fir" holiday scent offer a festive and seasonal fragrance experience.
  • The scent profile of "Cypress & Fir" typically includes woody and earthy notes reminiscent of cypress and fir trees.
  • These candles are designed to evoke a sense of winter and the holiday season, often associated with Christmas.
  • The fragrance may bring to mind images of a winter forest or a cozy holiday gathering. 

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The "Candles Cypress & Fir Holiday" appears to be a product or item related to holiday-themed candles. From the name, it suggests that the candles are scented with the aromas of cypress and fir, which are commonly associated with the winter holiday season. Here's a more detailed description:

The "Candles Cypress & Fir Holiday" is a set of beautifully crafted candles designed to infuse your living space with the enchanting scents of cypress and fir trees, evoking a cozy and festive ambiance reminiscent of the holiday season. Each candle is meticulously hand-poured and made using high-quality, eco-friendly materials, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn.

The scent profile of these candles is a harmonious blend of earthy cypress and the refreshing aroma of fir needles. As you light these candles, you'll be transported to a winter wonderland, where the crisp scent of evergreen trees mingles with the nostalgia of holiday gatherings and cherished traditions.

These candles are not only a delightful addition to your own holiday decor but also make for an excellent gift option. Whether you're looking to create a warm atmosphere for your own celebrations or to share the joy with loved ones, the "Candles Cypress & Fir Holiday" set is the perfect choice. Illuminate your home with the spirit of the holidays and indulge in the soothing and invigorating scents that capture the essence of this special time of year.

Origin of Country :India
Brand Name :Craftfry
Material :glass
Color :olive green
Package-Contain :