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Craftfry Curvy Striped Rhombus Finial Clear Glass Ornaments 5.8 Inches

Craftfry Curvy Striped Rhombus Finial Clear Glass Ornaments 5.8 Inches

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  • Shape: Curvy and rounded in form, avoiding sharp angles.
  • Surface: Decorated with stripes or lines, possibly of a different color or texture.
  • Base: Rhombus-shaped base or design element.
  • Top: Features a finial, an ornamental cap often placed on top of vertical structures.
  • Material: Made from clear glass, allowing transparency and light passage.

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The "Curvy Striped Rhombus Finial Clear Glass" appears to be a descriptive term for a decorative or ornamental object, likely used in interior design or home decor. Let's break down the description:

  1. Curvy: This indicates that the object has a curved or rounded shape, suggesting that it might not have sharp angles or edges.
  2. Striped: This suggests that there are stripes or lines present on the surface of the object. These stripes could be of a different color or texture than the rest of the object.
  3. Rhombus: A rhombus is a geometric shape with all sides of equal length, but its angles are not necessarily right angles. In the context of this description, the object likely has a rhombus-shaped base or design element.
  4. Finial: A finial is an architectural or decorative element placed at the top of an object, often to cap off a rod, post, or other vertical structure. It can also be used to add ornamentation.
  5. Clear Glass: This specifies the material of the object. It's made of transparent glass, which means it's see-through and can allow light to pass through.

In essence, the "Curvy Striped Rhombus Finial Clear Glass" seems to describe a decorative glass object with a curvy, rhombus-shaped base or design, featuring stripes on its surface. The term "finial" suggests that this object might be intended for use on top of something else, perhaps as a decorative accent or ornamentation. It could be used in various settings, such as home decor, interior design, or as a part of furnishings or accessories.

Origin of Country :India
Brand Name :Craftfry
Material :glass
Color :transparent
Package-Contain :