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Craftfry Glowing Grip Handle Candle Holde| ErgoHandle Holder

Craftfry Glowing Grip Handle Candle Holde| ErgoHandle Holder

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  • UPCYCLED BEAUTY: Vessel is designed with upcycling in mind - after burning the candle, freeze jars overnight to cleanly remove the wax and wick; great for storing beauty items, small trinkets, and more
  • ARTFULLY CRAFTED: Craftfry is an artisan company specializing in candles and diffusers that that are made with quality materials, inspiring color palettes, and intriguing fragrances to set the tone in your home

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  1. Metal Candle Holders: These can be sleek and modern or have intricate designs, making them suitable for various decor styles. They're often made from materials like iron, brass, or aluminum.
  2. Glass Candle Holders: These can be transparent, colored, or frosted, creating an enchanting play of light as the candle burns. They can range from simple glass cups to more elaborate designs like hurricanes or votive holders.
  3. Wooden Candle Holders: These often have a rustic or natural appeal, with carved or engraved details that can add warmth to the ambiance.
  4. Ceramic Candle Holders: Ceramic holders can vary greatly in shape, size, and color. They can be delicate or sturdy, and may feature intricate patterns or artistic glazing.
  5. Stone Candle Holders: These can have a substantial and earthy quality, with textures and colors that add depth and character to the holder.

Candle holders can be designed to accommodate various types of candles, such as taper candles, pillar candles, votive candles, and tea lights. Some candle holders are specifically designed to catch dripping wax, while others are more open, allowing the wax to flow freely.

Aside from their primary function of holding candles, candle holders also play a role in creating a specific atmosphere. They can be used to set the mood for various occasions, such as romantic dinners, religious ceremonies, parties, or relaxation. Some candle holders even come with additional features like handles, hanging mechanisms, or intricate patterns that cast unique shadows when the candle is lit.

Origin of Country :India
Brand Name :Craftfry
Material :glass
Color :Multicolour
Package-Contain :