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CraftfryGrammercy Winterland Candle Holders, Set of 4, Frosted Glass White, Gold

CraftfryGrammercy Winterland Candle Holders, Set of 4, Frosted Glass White, Gold

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  • Diverse Materials:

    • Glass candle holders
    • Metal candle holders
    • Ceramic candle holders
    • Wooden candle holders
  • Styles:

    • Modern and minimalist designs
    • Vintage and antique-inspired holders
    • Rustic or farmhouse candle holders
    • Artistic and decorative options
  • Shapes and Sizes:

    • Tealight holders
    • Pillar candle holders
    • Taper candle holders
    • Votive candle holders
  • Themes and Motifs:

    • Nature-inspired designs (leaves, flowers, branches)
    • Geometric patterns
    • Nautical or coastal motifs
    • Holiday-themed candle holders
  • Functional Features:

    • Hanging candle holders
    • Wall-mounted sconces
    • Multi-tiered holders
    • Wind-resistant designs for outdoor use
  • Candle Holder Sets:

    • Coordinated sets for centerpiece arrangements
    • Mix-and-match sets for variety
    • Sets with different sizes or styles
  • DIY and Customization:

    • Unfinished wooden holders for personal painting/staining
    • Customizable holders with interchangeable elements
    • Kits for creating your own candle holders

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Be prepared to celebrate the season and make the joyful with our winterland candle holders, set of 4. Add your own candles inside to throw a sparkling gold glow magical light reflectors. Create an impressive focal point finished with an extraordinary frosted white textured surface, each gorgeous candle holder has a golden finish interior crafted to reflect candle light. Decorated with patterns on the theme of winter delicacies, each comes to life when turned on. A set of paired resources still in different shapes, each diamete Perfect for holding your LED and wax candles, tealight holders and pillar candles. Bring your memories and add a touch of Winter Wonderland to your holiday decor with this spectacular windfires themed winter. perched on a fireplace or on a table, clustering several together, it's up to you to create a beautiful screen. An ideal welcome gift for fun, the grammercy winterland candle holders, set of 4, and perfect to enter cheerfulness and celebrate the winter holidays. Appreciate. From all home, worlds welcome to the product line of worlds throughout the house. The New York based company offers high-quality, stylish design products for every room in the house, and beyond. From the kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, closet and garden: our criteria are comfort, quality, style and value.

Origin of Country :India
Brand Name :Craftfry
Material :glass
Color :white
Package-Contain :